This page was created out of a lack of information on antique garden hose nozzles on the Internet or anywhere else. Page is in its very beginning and will be added to as additional information becomes available. Read the Noz FAQ HERE

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Pictures of Some Antique Nozzles
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Pictures of Various Nozzle Ads

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1925 Dreer Catalog Page
1919 Sherman Brochure Page
1897 Sears Catalog Partial Page
1902 Sears Catalog Partial Page
1908 Sears Catalog Partial Page
1931 Sears Catalog Partial Page
1946-47 Sears Catalog Partial Page
1895 Montgomery Wards Catalog Partial Page
Undated Rumsey Manufacturing Company Catalog Page
Undated Rumsey Manufacturing Company Catalog Page

  History of some of the companies that made/make hose nozzles  

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