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For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the Pacific Campaign of the Second World War. I had other interests while growing up, and still do in adulthood, but I would have to label my studying of the conflict between Japan and the United States as my favorite. I am not totally sure, but I think my interest stemmed from watching "The Battle of Midway," with my father when I was young. If I was not already, I was hooked when I finished reading Gordon Prange's Miracle at Midway.

Other hobbies and interests have come and gone, but this has stuck with me through the years. While I know that others have far more knowledge and insight on the Battle of Midway, my objective has been from day one to publish the most accurate and complete web site possible. With the help of several people, I am slowly beginning to accomplish this admittedly lofty goal.

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Torpedo Eight Forming Up over Hornet
Photo courtesy William (Bill) Gibson
Battle of Midway Discussion Group
A Priceless Advantage:
U.S. Navy Communications Intelligence and the Battles of Coral Sea, Midway, and the Aleutians
Torpedo Eight In Color
Battle of Midway Art by John Greaves
Battle of Midway Models

Follow Dr. Robert Ballards Search for Yorktown
Midway Circular E-mail Group

Midway: Americas Four Most Important Days

Before the storm

Japanese Planning
US Intelligence
US Navy

The Turning Point June 3 - June 6

Side Show in the Aleutians
Midway, June 3
Midway, June 4
Midway, June 5
Midway, June 6


United States


The Leaders

The Principle of the Objective--Nagumo vs. Spruance at Midway by Craig Burke
Spruance or Halsey: Who Was the Better Man for the Job? by B. K. (Bill) Vickrey


TBD Found at Jaluit Atoll
Midway Chat
Contributions by Midway Veterans
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If you have any questions, comments or corrects, send them to cthawk@CENTURYinter.net. There are bound to be some errors on this page, so when you find them, report them in a kind and gentle way. You will get credit in the bibliography.

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