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Programs and Services

  • Head Start Program

    This program provides quality day care and well-balanced meals to qualified children between the ages of three and five years. It includes access to physical and dental exams; mental health screenings; vision, speech, and hearing screenings; immunizations; follow-up diagnosis; and parent counseling.

  • Family Planning

    The program provides the necessary medical or social services to those individuals or couples who choose parenthood. It also provides family planning and substance abuse classes. Clients are able to obtain complete check-ups including breast & pelvic exams, papsmears, mammograms, urinalysis, blood pressure & weight checks, anemia screening, and pregnancy testing.

  • Primary Health Care Program

    Physical, mental & dental health care diagnosis & treatment services are available for qualified clients through the Primary Health Care Program. The program assists in the education of health related issuses and provides blood pressure, blood sugar & weight monitoring, anemia & cholesterol screening to help prevent the pain of illness.

  • Senior Citizen Services

    Many of the Senior Citizen Services are provided in a community clubhouse setting. Counseling on health, welfare, housing, employment, social security benefits & supplements, food stamps, and citizenship requirements are provided to qualified clients. Senior citizens can receive preventative healthcare, participate in low-impact aerobic exercise program, learn new or practice familar arts & crafts, enjoy a hot noon meal with friends, get help with transportation for medical appointments and shopping or seek information and referrals for other social service agencies.

  • Weatherization Program

    Tired of high utility bills? We can fix, repair or replace doors, insulate & weatherstrip your home and make it more air tight to conserve energy & cut utility costs.

  • Transportation

    The Title XIX-DPW Transportation Program provides non-emergency transportation for medical appointments, shopping, recreation & city business trips.

  • Additional Services

    Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program: This program helps qualified people pay utility bills. It also provides for the replacement or repair of household heating and cooling systems to help lower energy consumption for those persons who meet the program's eligibility requirements. As in the other services, the basic program philosophy is to help develop client self-sufficiency.


    Hays County
    401 Uhland Road
    San Marcos, Texas 78666
    Blanco County
    13th street
    Blanco, Texas 78606
    Caldwell County
    216 W. San Antonio
    Lockhart, Texas 78644


    722 S. McKie Street
    San Marcos, Texas 78666


    142 Jackson Lane
    San Marcos, Texas 78666


    Senior Citizens Center
    701 Georgia Street
    San Marcos, Texas 78666
    Senior Citizens Center
    13th Street
    Blanco, Texas 78606

  • If you need additional information or would like to learn more about the eligibility requirements for these programs please contact your nearest CAP office.

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